Re: [hatari-devel] Bug report: AHCC not working anymore with GEMDOS emulation

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Matthias, could you check these with latest Hatari and AHCC

On keskiviikko 06 kesäkuu 2012, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> To recap, the problem is that when using *both*:
> - NVDI v4
> - GEMDOS HD emulation
> AHCC command line compiler will either bomb when you try to
> use it, or not give any output (which?).
> And the problem doesn't appear with AHCC GUI compiler, or
> if NVDI v4 is removed nor when using ACSI emulation instead
> of GEMDOS HD emulation?
> I've now tried AHCC with NVDI v2.50 and it works fine.
> Next you need to try following things:
> * Start Hatari with --bios-intercept and see whether it
>   outputs something extra on console in addition to stuff
>   you see on screen

Please use "--conout 2" option instead (which I added to Hatari
after v1.6.2 release).  And use also "--trace gemdos" so that
it's clear at which state things happen.

> * Try whether the issue happens with some other TOS
>   version than v2.06, e.g. with latest EmuTOS:

Latest EmuTOS v0.8.7 release.

> * Try starting AHCC command line tool without arguments
>   to see whether it outputs then anything / crash
> * If it still crashes, go to debugger (AltGr+Pause)
>   and use "setopt -D" to get to debugger when there are
>   exceptions, then start AHCC again and check what
>   happens when the crash happens:
>   - Is PC within AHCC or TOS ROM
>     ("info basebase" tells AHCC address)
>   - What instructions ("d" output) and register values
>     ("r" output) caused the crash, was it e.g. NULL
>     pointer access in AHCC?

You can also use "history on" before this and then e.g.
"history 200" to see instructions leading to the crash.

	- Eero

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