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On tiistai 11 syyskuu 2012, Andreas Grabher wrote:
> If one of you is testing the 68030 MMU with different programs and
> experiences problems, that seem to be MMU related, feel free to write me
> a message. I'll try to fix the problems if i can find it. But because
> finding the problem is harder than fixing it, i need the maximum
> information i can get about the failing code.
> So please if you post MMU debugging code, check that all debugging
> messages are enabled (in line 63 and 64 of cpummu030.c set both
> MMU030_ATC_DBG_MSG and MMU030_REG_DBG_MSG to 1). If possible, post the
> critical part of the debugging code, but please also include a complete
> debugging output (if the size is not too big), for example in an
> appended text file.

Maybe you could consider adding a "mmu" trace option, if that debug
output is one-liners and not in very performance critical place?

For that you need to add few lines to src/debug/log.[ch], the actual
trace output is done in either of these ways:
                if (LOG_TRACE_LEVEL(TRACE_OS_AES))
                        AES_OpcodeInfo(TraceFile, AESOpCode);
                LOG_TRACE(TRACE_OS_VDI, "VDI call %3hd/%3hd (%s)\n",
                          VDIOpCode, subcode,
                          VDI_Opcode2Name(VDIOpCode, subcode));

Alternatively/additionally you could also have "mmu" subcommand for
the debugger "info" command which would output more details.  See 
src/debug/debugInfo.c for examples.

(One can use "info" option in breakpoints, so that you get the "info"
command information printed every time a breakpoint is hit.)

	- Eero

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