Re: [hatari-devel] 68030 MMU work

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Am Sun, 9 Sep 2012 21:10:53 +0200
schrieb Andreas Grabher <andreas.grabher@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> I've tried to fix the handling of early termination in the latest
> version of Previous. Compared to the version you are using, there are
> also some other changes i made in the past few days. I have
> redesigned the table search function. It should now be much more
> accurate, especially for PTEST.
> Unfortunately the changes from Hatari are not yet merged into
> Previous. So when you get the latest cpummu030.c/h you might have to
> re-do some of your changes.

Don't worry, with a good diff tool (I use "meld"), it's very easy to
merge your changes into the Hatari code.

> But i think it will fix the early
> termination problem. The way i'm combining parts of the logical
> address with the page address might still be incorrect, but at the
> moment i think it should work this way. I have to learn more about
> "signed addition" to confirm.
> Please tell me, if your problem is gone with the new code.

I applied all your new patches, however, the problem still remains :-(


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