Re: [hatari-devel] A few demos with issues in 1.6.2

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Le 23/07/2012 11:49, Anders Eriksson a écrit :


during recording more and more videos for VideoDB, I came a cross some
more demos that doesn't work perfectly in Hatari 1.6.2.

1. Dragon screen by Ghost (Overdrive demo)

a) bitplane mess

2. Digital World 3 / ICE

a) some graphics garbage around lower border (second part)

3. Phantom / Arkham

a) endpart, screens jumps up/down.

4. Chipmon 2 / Synergy

a) mouse frozen (keyboard works, so the prg hasn't crashed)

5. Death of the left border / TNT Crew

a) graphics seems shifted one bitplane or so

Anders Eriksson


for 1) and 5), it's a known limitation in Hatari, due to bad stabilizer timings in overscan in the demo (or no stabilizer at all). It's even possible those demos don't work on all ST models (they're already marked as 'bad' in doc/compatibility.html)

I plan to do a major rewrite of the shifter inner work some days to handle all possible freq/res changes and the corresponding planes shifting, but it's a lot of work and many undocumented behaviours to handle.

I need to check the 3 other ones.


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