[hatari-devel] Much improved Hatari console redirection support (EmuTOS panics, MiNT console etc are caught)

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I just commited support for much improved Hatari console
redirection support.

Instead of catching redirected bconout() BIOS function,
I catch calls to xcounout vector function directly (in
the debugger callback) as this will catch also EmuTOS panic
and MiNT console messages, not just TOS Bconout() traps.

It involves some heuristics in finding correct arguments
from stack, but those would appear to work fine, I can now
(finally) catch also EmuTOS panic and MiNT bootup messages.

Another reason for this was that --bios-intercept option
enabled a bit too many things, so there's now a separate
	--conout <device>
option which can catch any of the devices listed in
the system xconout vector table:
  0  prn: (Printer/Parallel port)
  1  aux: (Aux device, the RS-232 port)
  2  con: (Console, VT-52 terminal)
  3  MIDI port
  4  Keyboard port
  5  Raw screen device
  6  ST compatible RS-232 port (Modem 1)
  7  SCC channel B (Modem 2)

It supports specifying the device in case supporting 2
wouldn't have been enough and one wants to catch 5 also
(which is supposed to be slightly faster as it doesn't do
VT-52 escape handling, so some programs might be using it).

Who knows, maybe it can be of use also in SCC implementation
debugging, when somebody gets to that.  I've tested only
device 2 though.

	- Eero

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