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Le 04/06/2012 16:15, Christer Solskogen a écrit :
On Mon, Jun 4, 2012 at 11:16 AM, Nicolas Pomarède
<npomarede@xxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:

well, always nice to see sources released. Pacifist certainly had the merit
of being one of the first ST emulator, but regarding low level accuracy,
sound and video for example, I'm afraid it's now miles behind Hatari or

Did it ever come anthing good out of the released source for STeem?

Nope ; most of the time cpu/exception/video are really tightly dependant on each other. So, there's no real point in trying to import code from Steem into Hatari, because it would involve importing whole part of the cpu's emulation for example (for which I think Hatari is better, in the sense it supports several motorola model).

The non working programs in Hatari (at least in STF/STE) are not due to a lack of understanding what is happening in a real ST, it's more due to a lack of time to implement what I know regarding some components that are not fully emulated (ie not faithful to the specs yet (acia, ikbd) or to what is seen on a real ST (shifter)).

But having Steem's source is quite nice nevertheless, it's sometimes interesting to see how other people dealt with similar problems, even if we come to the same conclusion in the end.


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