[hatari-devel] Maybe a gemdos bug, I don't know

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Hi all,

While playing with hatari and asm, I think I4ve found something :

In my program, I have the following :

toto_01l:        dc.b    "DATA\CHARS\TOTO0\BIN_LEFT\IDLE1.SPR",0
toto_01r:        dc.b    "DATA\CHARS\TOTO0\BIN_RIGHT\IDLE1.SPR",0

I load these files with the loader.s rout from DHS (thanks to them for this code).

On hatari, it loads well and I don't have any problem, while on my real falcon, I get the following message :


I think this may due to the 9 characters of the directory, but hatari and my Falcon don't behave the same here.



        move.w    #0,-(sp)                ;fsfirst() get fileinfo
        move.l    filename,-(sp)                ;
        move.w    #$4e,-(sp)                ;
        trap    #1                    ;
        addq.l    #8,sp                    ;

        tst.l    d0                    ;
        beq.s    .ok                    ;ok
        Cconws    #filename
        move.l    #exit_filenotfound_text,error_adr    ;error message
        bra.w    exit                    ;

..ok:        move.l    dta+26,filelength            ;filelength

        move.w    #0,-(sp)                ;open file read only
        move.l    filename,-(sp)                ;address to filename
        move.w    #$3d,-(sp)                ;
        trap    #1                    ;
        addq.l    #8,sp                    ;
        move.w    d0,filenumber                ;store filenumber

        move.l    filebuffer,-(sp)            ;buffer address
        move.l    filelength,-(sp)            ;length of file
        move.w    filenumber,-(sp)            ;filenumber
        move.w    #$3f,-(sp)                ;
        trap    #1                    ;
        lea.l    12(sp),sp                ;

        move.w    filenumber,-(sp)            ;filenumber for closing
        move.w    #$3e,-(sp)                ;
        trap    #1                    ;
        addq.l    #4,sp                    ;

        clr.l    filename


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