Re: [hatari-devel] Mac binary download at Tuxfamily

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Le 21/06/12 19:13, Andreas Grabher a écrit :
I can build universal binaries (ppc/i386/x86_64) on an old PowerMac G5.
I did this for "Previous" many times. Works quite well.
But if you wish to build in some special patches, you have to provide the corresponding projects.
All i can do is build from the default sources (after creating the Xcode project with Cmake).
I think that all the patches are in the repo ? Not sure... A long time ago from my last build...

Do not know why, but the CMake XCode project is completely unusable under XCode.

I successfully built Hatari on my MBPro with cmake (although the produced binary do not work out of the box, do not know why). Will now try with my own XCode project.


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