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Hello together,

it seems I am not the only one stumbling into the problem of (USB)
joysticks that do not produce the right input for Hatari (without proper
device abstraction).

For the moment I can only tell him to download the latest Hatari source
and patch the joystick I/O himself.

Matthias Arndt <marndt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
PGP-Key: http://www.final-memory.org/files/marndt.asc
Jabber: simonsunnyboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Dear Mathias,

I would like to ask you about joystick. Would it be possible to release for debian stable squeeze a newer version of hatari with the possibility to 
configure the joystick inputs.

I have troubles to run it, my fire works, but not my arrows (up;down;left;right)

I used jscal on debain stable squeeze but thought still same resutsl

origianlly when I plug my gamepad (default calibratin from kernel ):
 jscal -p /dev/input/js0 
jscal -s 6,1,0,112,142,5534751,5534751,1,0,112,142,5534751,5534751,1,0,112,142,5534751,5534751,1,0,112,142,5534751,5534751,1,0,112,142,5534751,5534751,1,0,3,3,178956970,178956970 /dev/input/js0

jscal -u 6,0,1,2,3,4,40,10,288,289,290,291,292,293,294,295,296,297 /dev/input/js0

And my super modified.

  jscal -u 6,3,4,0,1,2,40,10,288,289,290,291,292,293,294,295,296,297 /dev/input/js0
  fire is here working

but still hatari arrows are not workking.

My icq : icq_uin 305686267

Kind regards,

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