Re: [hatari-devel] DSP "bug" found by Thomas/New Beat

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> - this can't happen on a program that works on the Falcon, (I consider that all the Falcon DSP programs are well coded :)
On the opposite, this can and does happen on real Falcon. Sometimes you can use it as an optimization trick, sort of parallel move, when you work with the old value but rx is already filled with a new one. Not so common but possible.

> - A compiler should warn about this
Assembler, not compiler. And yes, it does, mostly (qdsp has some empty spots, Motorola's asm warns about anything imaginable).

> - I paid most attention to have a good compatibility from real hardware programs --> Hatari than the opposite (I wanted to have maximum of programs to work).
Then you "have" to implement the address bus pipeline. In theory. In practice, I'd go with trace output to console when you see code like that, it's really rare thing to see.

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