[hatari-devel] DSP "bug" found by Thomas/New Beat

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Just for your info, Thomas from New Beat wrote me a few days ago about a bug he found with the Hatari DSP.

I already knew about this : the Rx registers should not be filled with the new value immediatly, but after one instruction delay. There are lot of exceptions in the rule (sometimes 2 instructions, sometimes immediatly, not when the change of the Rx register happends at the last instruction of a loop, ...)

I thought about fixing this, but I haven't done it yet for 3 reasons :

- this can't happen on a program that works on the Falcon, (I consider that all the Falcon DSP programs are well coded :)
- A compiler should warn about this
- I paid most attention to have a good compatibility from real hardware programs --> Hatari than the opposite (I wanted to have maximum of programs to work).

But in Thomas' case, he use hatari as the main plateform to develop his program, and Hatari allows to refresh Rx value immediatly. (His problem is with the refresh of r0 in the last instruction of the loop, immediatly followed by the use of x:(r0)+ in the first instruction of the loop

Do you think it should be fixed ? (I'm afraid of the speed of the DSP emulation, as I'll have to add a buffer, some tests, and some register copies for each DSP instruction execution). I think there are probably some other case where Hatari is too "friendly", or is it really accurate if used as the main "computer" to develop with ?

Do you expect a "perfect" reciprocal emulation or do you focuse on the real hardware -> emulator way ?

If yes, it'll be after the 1.6.2 release, of course.



I'm Thomas of New Beat and I'm working on ACE MIDI/Tracker music

I think I've found a bug in Hatari. It actually works to good. It is not
important for me to get it fixed but I thought I should tell you anyway.
Perhaps it is a known issue, in that case just ignore this mail.

This works in Hatari but not on real hardware:

 		do	x:(r6),_loop
 		move			x:(r0)+,a	y:(r5)+,b
 		eor	x0,b		b,x0		a,y:(r7)+
 		tmi	x0,a	r4,r0
_loop:		rts

This work both on Hatari and real hardware:

 		do	x:(r6),_loop
 		move			x:(r0)+,a	y:(r5)+,b
 		eor	x0,b		b,x0		a,y:(r7)+
 		tmi	x0,a	r4,r0
_loop:		rts

Another problem with this is that Im not sure if the first code above is
legal. I think the assemblator should give an error but it doesn't (QASM)
so perhaps this is not even something to bother with at all. I always use
QASM so it took a while to find this "bug"... anyway, it is no big

Btw, what a fantastic piece of SW Hatari is. You and the crew have made
an incredible fantastic work!


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