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Forwarding this to the mailing list ... I slightly remember that we
once discussed Zombi in the past ... does anybody know what was wrong
with the game? Maybe some trouble with the IKBD read-clock function or


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Datum: Tue, 8 May 2012 13:37:43 -0700
Von: Jerome Ibanes <jibanes@xxxxxxxxx>
An: th.huth@xxxxxx
Betreff: Zombi/Hatari


I'm having a little issue with Zombi on Hatari (the latest) where the
game, which can be downloaded at
http://www.thehouseofgames.net/index.php?t=10&id=64 freezes after a
few clicks. I was wondering if you could give it a quick shot, I'm
using TOS 1.06.


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