Re: [hatari-devel] Sound sync patch to play with

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On maanantai 14 toukokuu 2012, David Savinkoff wrote:
> I believe the latency is caused when a sound card does not consume
> the samples as fast as the computer provides them. This causes the
> buffers to eventually fill to the maximum before samples are discarded.
> A slow cpu will result in no latency, whereas a fast cpu could cause
> latency. My sound card is slower than the computer, and your sound
> card is faster (no sound card is the same speed as the computer).

Isn't Hatari sound sample speed controlled by the selected sound frequency?

I.e. isn't this a user error of selecting higher output HZ from Hatari
options than what the sound card supports?  And shouldn't Hatari audio
part reject / correct such a choice?

	- Eero

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