[hatari-devel] Disassembly / profiling / trace output update

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FYI: I've moved CPU and DSP profiling information to the end of
their respective disassembly output lines, as having this info
on separate lines made the disassembly fairly non-readable
(and it had issues with current symbol tracing).

In CPU disasssembly case, it's shown instead of comments if
the disassembly output didn't generate any comments, but in DSP
case it was easiest to make it by changing the DSP output to be
fixed width i.e. it might not anymore always fit your console even
if there's no profiling data shown.

If this or some other change was a problem, please let me know.

I've also added showing of argument values to most
bios/gemdos/xbios call traces + all output has now always
the opcodes (in hex).

Pre-existing Bios & Xbios debug output stuff has been changed
to use run-time trace output and their argument values are
now output in the order they've given to those OS calls
(so that people know which args is which based on Atari docs).

	- Eero

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