Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari in Ubuntu's repository out-of-date

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On perjantai 23 maaliskuu 2012, Konador, Cyprian wrote:
> I asked again on Launchpad and Ubuntu developer has directed me to
> "maintainer of Hatari".

Yes, that's what the "Maintainer" field tells.  "Original-maintainer"
means that the Ubuntu maintainer's packaging is based on effort by somebody 
else (typically it refers to corresponding package maintainer in Debian as 

> Regarding Debian packages, he mentioned "You should NOT use Debian
> packages in Ubuntu and vice versa" I'm Ubuntu's newbie therefore I
> have no idea how to understand that :)

Ubuntu and Debian have some differencies in the base system which affect
dependencies.  Policies for handling some things can also be different.

When you use packages from somewhere else than the distribution itself,
they may cause conflicts and problems on upgrading the destribution and
they of course won't have automatic security updates.   And of course
it's unsupported.

However, many packages work fine as they are fairly self-contained,
don't install extra libraries or handlers and aren't otherwise so tied
to how rest of the things in the distribution work.

Best would be if you would know how to handle packaging conflicts before
using them though.

I think many of the packages that aren't in the Ubuntu "core" repositories
come pretty much unmodified from Debian.

I would assume Hatari package to be pretty safe.

	- Eero

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