Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari in Ubuntu's repository out-of-date

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On torstai 22 maaliskuu 2012, Konador, Cyprian wrote:
> I've got information that you are involved into Hatari in Ubuntu's
> repository:

Teemu is the *Debian* Hatari package maintainer ("Original maintainer"
in Ubuntu terms). "Ubuntu Developers" group is the package maintainer on

> Hatari in Ubuntu's repository is in version1.5.0-1, is it possible to
> update it to 1.6? Of course I can compile it from source code on my own,
> but nice to have it up-to-date in official Ubuntu's repository

I would assume that you can install the v1.6.1 Debian package to Ubuntu:

I have no idea why "Ubuntu Developers" group hasn't uploaded newer
version of Hatari from Debian.

(Ubuntu gets most of its packages fairly directly from Debian so
I don't think there that much effort involved.)

	- Eero

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