[hatari-devel] First 68060 demo running from beginning to the end

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I've tested Eskimau demo by DHS.
It's a 68060 + accelerated card demo.

I've lauched it with the new Winuae cpu core, 68030 CPU, prefetch and cycle exact, 14 megs of RAM.
I've just added 32 Mhz for the speed (it seems to work also with 16 Mhz).

At 16 Mhz, the sound breaks after 1 second, the demo continues to run.
At 32 Mhz, the sound is horrible, but it sounds during all the demo. (it's still slow, as it's meant to work on a 68060 + 66 Mhz cpu).

The tridi hand screen shows some glitches around the hand. 
I suspect some "limit values" reached during the DSP tridi computing (like overflows or imprecision).
Maybe someone from DHS could tell me more about it ?

It's nice anyway to see it.

Best regards

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