Re: [hatari-devel] Problem with printer output?

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Am Mittwoch, den 08.02.2012, 15:54 -0700 schrieb David Savinkoff: 
> On Wednesday 08 February 2012 13:55, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> Thomas and I did a few things to the printer a few years ago.
> I did not care for the buffering, but said nothing because:
> 1) It really didn't matter then.
> 2) The printer interface IS a printer emulator (with buffer).
> I would prefer instant output like MIDI has. Furthermore,
> the port could be improved to transmit data whenever
> the port is Addressed (non Centronics) in addition to
> Strobed (Centronics).

I remember that I had sound problems if the strobe was not checked.
Simply dumping that I/O port may have sideeffects. I'd prefer not to
have audio/YM regressions just because of changing the printer output
handling within psg.c

I agree that the backend behind the I/O port should be much simpler, esp
to enable piping to a socket or so, to enable direct print on a CUPS
device or so.


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