Re: [hatari-devel] WinUAE core freeze with ST emulation, solved but another question about gemdos drive.

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I've given another try to this problem, but it still doesn't work.

I've added a hack : Just after the build_cpufunctbl() in newcpu.c, I add the following: Cart_PatchCpu();

In cart.c, I've added :

void Cart_PatchCpu(void)
/* Use internal cartridge when user wants extended VDI resolution or GEMDOS HD. */
    if (bUseVDIRes || ConfigureParams.HardDisk.bUseHardDiskDirectories)
        fprintf (stderr ,"GEMDOS HACK OK !!! \n");
        /* Hatari's specific illegal opcodes for HD emulation */
        cpufunctbl[GEMDOS_OPCODE] = OpCode_GemDos;    /* 0x0008 */
        cpufunctbl[SYSINIT_OPCODE] = OpCode_SysInit;    /* 0x000a */
        cpufunctbl[VDI_OPCODE] = OpCode_VDI;        /* 0x000c */

With a printf, I've verified that the code goes into the function (it does).

But the c: drive still doesn't open.
There may be something else to init. Any more ideas I could try ?



Le 17/01/2012 21:16, Thomas Huth a écrit :
I've got a last problem with the newcore : if I switch from Falcon
>  mode (68030, DSP, TOS, memory, ..) to STF, I loose the gemdos
>  harddrive. (I still have the icon on the desktop but it doesn't open
>  while double clicking on it). If I switch back to falcon mode (always
>  on the fly under the guy, without quitting hatari), I can still use
>  the gemdos harddrive.
> > The problems occurs also in the opposite way : if I start hatari in
>  ST(F/E) mode, I can use the Harddrive, if I switch to Falcon "on the
>  fly", I can't use it anymore. If I return to ST(F/E) mode (always on
>  the fly), it still works well.
> > Any idea where to search this problem ?
Sounds like the GEMDOS_OPCODE might get lost... could you check whether
cpufunctbl[GEMDOS_OPCODE] is still set to OpCode_GemDos ?

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