Re: [hatari-devel] Getting cycles used by previous or next instruction without modifying CPU state?

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On keskiviikko 22 helmikuu 2012, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> >> Only the current instruction cycles are available.
> >> 
> >  From where?
> Well, it's almost everywhere in the traces I added in various parts :)
> -> CurrentInstrCycles

Should nWaitStateCycles be added to that?

> > This is for the profiler.  If it cannot get the cycles either for
> > previous or next instruction without modifying/invalidating CPU state,

Profiler callback is called after the instruction has been executed,
that's why I used term "previous".

Is CurrentInstrCycles about the instruction that was just executed?
If yes, then it's perfect. :-)

> > it's better if I remove that part.
> Then I guess it won't be possible. Calling opcode() will really run the
> instruction (and change cpu/memory), and some instructions have variable
> number of cycles depending on their parameters (lsl, rol, mul, div, ...)

	- Eero

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