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On tiistai 03 tammikuu 2012, David Savinkoff wrote:
> In the process of making this package for my old system I discovered
> some issues with hatari-ui.
> hatari-1.6.0.py2.4.patch removes 'as' from Python 2.4 code.

Hm.  "Except ... as ...:" syntax seems to be introduced in Python v2.6.

Your patch should use "," instead of "as" for the older versions:

Otherwise you lose information.  But I don't know whether it's Python v3

> hatari-1.6.0.gtk2.10.patch reverts Gtk v2.12 to the deprecated Gtk v2.10
> tooltip API for Compatibility because Gtk v2.24 is the Last version and
> deprecation is now Meaningless.

Latest Gtk version is actually 3.2.x.  I guess you meant that PyGtk
supports only Gtk v2.x.

[1] I removed the deprecated Gtk v2.x API usage before Hatari v1.5 release
because Hatari Fedora package maintainer asked me to make Hatari's Python
scripts Python v3 compatible.

Anything wanting to support Python3 and Gtk3 (i.e. not drag Python2 and
Gtk 2.x stuff in) needs first to remove all references to deprecated Gtk
2.x APIs and then port the code to PyGObject v3:

When I started this transition, I still thought that one could continue
using PyGtk and have it somehow backwards compatible, like the rest of
the Hatari Python scripts (already) are.  Unfortunately that's not the case,
so I've post-poned finnalizing this transition until Gtk3 and corresponding
PyGtk replacement are widely[1] available.

[1] They will be in next Ubuntu and Debian stable versions:

Both Fedora 16 and OpenSUSE v12.1 (released a while ago) already
support pygobject3.

And next LSB, Linux Standards Base v5.0 is planning on deprecating
at least Gtk v2, maybe also Python v2, and have v3.

> CentOS 5 needs these patches to work,
> CentOS 6 doesn't. I tested these patches on CentOS 5, I don't have
> CentOS 6. Please consider these patches for Hatari.

Does this make sense anymore?

If you had sent this before Hatari v1.5 release or even before v1.6, it
would be clearer, but those releases were already with the new tooltips

Next Hatari Python UI may already be Python3 / Gtk3 / PyGObject based,
depending a bit on when it will come out.  I would assume Hatari v1.8
at least to be so.

	- Eero

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