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On tiistai 10 tammikuu 2012, Thomas Huth wrote:
> schrieb Eero Tamminen <oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> > Do you think there's anything else that should be tested (by default)
> > in combination with the TOS images, like:
> > * --fullscreen on/off
> That might be tricky since the mouse pointer might move when entering
> full-screen ... so your screenshots might differ from the reference
> screenshots.

Now that tests run unattended and produce a report at the end,
in general it may be better to run the test so that you don't use
the machine during that time.

Test program could also disable mouse.

> > * --fast-boot on/off
> fast-boot off is IMHO currently too unstable to be added here already.
> > * --timer-d on/off
> We've never seen any difference with this option in the desktop. I
> think you would need to run one of the affected games to test this.
> > * --rtc on/off
> I don't think that rtc changes that much anymore, so I don't think that
> it makes much sense to test this.
> > * --compatible CPU on/off
> For this, you also might need to run a game or demo that really depends
> on compatible CPU mode. In normal desktop mode you likely never will
> see a difference.

Tester has now --bool command line option for which one can give
boolean Hatari command line options to test:
	--bool --fast-boot,--timer-d,--rtc,--compatible

Tester will then test each of the given options with it enabled
and disabled.

(In general what it will test is also otherwise configurable
with options.)

> > * ASCI/IDE images
> Testing hard disk support is likely a good idea.

Do you have some suggestion how to do that, what to have on
the HD image so that it's actually testable?

The problem is that different machines, TOSes and HD drivers support
either ACSI or IDE, not both and drivers are typically either proprietary
or they don't support all TOS & machine versions either.

	- Eero

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