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Am Mon, 9 Jan 2012 23:52:31 +0200
schrieb Eero Tamminen <oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> > Either screen output
> > works (and so all VDI functions should behave like on a real
> > Atari), or it does not work at all since TOS did not boot. I don't
> > think that we will see something like a partly broken VDI due to
> > Hatari bugs.
> Actually there is one Hatari problem with VDI mode, reported by Uwe:
> But I don't have a test-case for it.  Should I add description of
> that bug to todo.txt (before BerliOS goes down)?

The mail is older than a year already, maybe it has been fixed already?
And I don't think that we have a proper way to test & debug this (unless
you've got the right version of NVDI), ... so does it make sense to add
such undebuggable items into the todo.txt file?

> Do you think there's anything else that should be tested (by default)
> in combination with the TOS images, like:
> * --fullscreen on/off

That might be tricky since the mouse pointer might move when entering
full-screen ... so your screenshots might differ from the reference

> * --fast-boot on/off

fast-boot off is IMHO currently too unstable to be added here already.

> * --timer-d on/off

We've never seen any difference with this option in the desktop. I
think you would need to run one of the affected games to test this.

> * --rtc on/off

I don't think that rtc changes that much anymore, so I don't think that
it makes much sense to test this.

> * --compatible CPU on/off

For this, you also might need to run a game or demo that really depends
on compatible CPU mode. In normal desktop mode you likely never will
see a difference.

> * ASCI/IDE images

Testing hard disk support is likely a good idea.


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