[hatari-devel] 2 crossbar questions:

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I've playing around with the Warum demo and Moongame game.

Both are using stereo 8 bits in the crossbar, but are using 16 bits transfers into the SSI (CRA bits 12, 13 = 10 (16 bits transfers))

This brings me 2 questions about the crossabr and the sound matrix of the Falcon :

- When the crossbar is in 8 bits, does the DAC swift the data to 16 bits (data can come from the DMA or the DSP) ?

- in non handshake mode, the crossbar asks the DSP to send it the datas. I guess it gets 8 bits (left or right sample), then the 8 other bits, while in the same time the DSP transfers 16 bits before considering that it has transferred the whole data. Does it sound right ?

I've recoded the transfer as wriiten above.
The sound is different for Warum (not better, but different)
Actually, this breaks Chaos AD which freezes (I don't know why yet, I search).

Should I upload this, as I think it's the good way to proceede or not ?



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