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Hi Andrew, 

Sorry about this. We'll look into it.


On Wed, Sep 15, 2021 at 8:35 AM Andrew Fitzgibbon <awf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:




I hate to CC the list, but unsubscribing is far too difficult for such a mainstream list as this.


You’ll note I’m following the instructions at (you can confirm this email follows the instructions).  And it doesn’t work.


Most likely this is because the subscription address is auto-forwarded from some older address, but there’s no way to determine that (I’ve inspected the email headers), and no stated way to unsubscribe from another address, to which one may not have other than forwarding access.


So: I believe a high priority for the team should be to comply with various countries’ laws which (in the case of the UK state that it should be “easy” to unsubscribe).






(PS – I do plan to continue to receive the list, just at another address)


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