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On 04/10/2019 15.53, Dale Lukas Peterson wrote:

I ended up doing this as:
Eigen::Matrix<typename Derived::Scalar, Derived::RowsAtCompileTime,
Derived::ColsAtCompileTime> aa;

However I like your solution better since it is shorter and presumably it
also captures the Options, MaxRows, and MaxCols template parameters
correctly from Derived, whereas what I did will use whatever the defaults
are configured to be.

Yes, `typename Derived::PlainObject` will also copy `MaxRowsAtCompileTime` and `MaxColsAtCompileTime`. However, from the Options it will only take the Majornes (RowMajor or ColumnMajor) but always use `AutoAlign`. In your case the default values are the same.

Also, if you used `DenseBase<Derived>` instead of `MatrixBase<Derived>` it would automatically choose either the corresponding Matrix or Array class. If you explicitly want a Matrix (or an Array) you could use `Derived::PlainMatrix` (or `Derived::PlainArray`).


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