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On 03/10/2019 06.45, Dale Lukas Peterson wrote:
Following the guidance here [0], I have:

template <typename Derived>
void test(const Eigen::MatrixBase<Derived>& a)
   // Use case 1:
   Derived aa;
   // do stuff with aa

   // Use case 2:
   Derived bb = a;
   // do stuff with bb

If I create an Eigen::Matrix and call test like so, it works fine:

Eigen::Matrix<double, 2, 4> A;
A << 1, 2, 3, 4,
         5, 6, 7, 8;
// Works

This works, because `Derived = Matrix<double, 2, 4>` in this case, which is a valid standalone object.

However, the following doesn't work:
test(A.block<2, 1>(0, 1));

In this case `Derived` is something like `Block<Matrix<double,2,4>,2,1>` which is not usable as a stand-alone object. It can only be constructed from an existing Matrix object where it points to.

However, the following does work:
test(A.block<2, 1>(0, 1).eval());

The result of `.eval()` is again a `Matrix` object (should be `Matrix<double,2,1>`).

Is .eval() the right approach here? Should I being doing something else at
the call site, or in my function definition to better handle this? Does the
return value of `.block<2, 1>(0, 1)` constitute a "plain matrix or vector
(not an expression)" [1] or not, so that I can be certain this isn't
creating a useless copy?

`.block<..>(..)` will always return a "free" view into an existing object (or actually a block of another expression), `anything.eval()` will always return a `Matrix<...>` (or `Array<...>` object) which will be a copy, unless `anything` already was a plain Matrix or Array (in that case it will return a const reference).

If you want to have a modifiable plain matrix object inside `void test(...)` with the same size as `MatrixBase<Derived>`, you can write

  typedef typename Derived::PlainObject Mat;
  Mat aa;

Usage demo:




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