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On Wed, Sep 11, 2019 at 6:50 PM Christoph Hertzberg <chtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> ** Forks **
> You can see the summary of the fork script there:
> The hg clones (history+checkout) represents 20GB, maybe 12GB if we remove
> the checkouts. Among the 460 forks, 214 seems to have no change at all
> (according to "hg out") and could be dropped. I don't know yet where to
> host them though.

I think it is sufficient if we host a (frozen) version of the main
repository (probably simply at tuxfamily). I think many forks don't have
changes, because they actually got merged.
And I don't think we need to host any of the forks, as long as we have
the changesets in the archived PRs.

I don't think all forks with changes have a related PRs, but forks exhibiting changes and that are associated to a close PR can probably be ignored too.

> ** Pull-Requests **

Does gitlab allow to map "[Bb]ug (\d+)" to (an archive of) our bugzilla
page and "\#(\d+)" to either the archived old PRs or new PRs/issues? (if
need be, we could manually create issues #1 to #7xx with just a link to
the archived PRs.
I haven't check that yet.

Did we actually plan to migrate bugzilla to gitlab-issues as well?
Would we do this by just creating new issues with a link to the
bz-archive? (This would be only slightly inconvenient if discussions are
split, but that's ok, IMO)

See this first attempt:
Almost everything is preserved including the bug's ID. We can also automatically mark the bz bugs as "MOVED" with a link to the respective gitlab entry.
I'll share the updated bz2gitlab migration script asap. My main concern about gitlab issues is that comments are not searchable, only the description is.

> ** hg to git **
> However, updating the hashes within the commit messages will require to
> rewrite the whole history in a careful order. Does anyone here feels brave
> enough to write such a script? If not, I guess we could live with an online
> php script doing the hash conversion on demand. I don't think we'll have to
> follow such hashes so frequently.

I agree that it won't be required that often (most "grafted from"
references are very close to each other anyway). If we have some tool
which can look-up hashes I think we are fine. (I won't prevent anyone
from trying to translate the hashes inside the history, of course *g*)


> cheers,
> gael

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