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The recent email about adding a new project to the Eigen wiki made me think that my/our project would very likely be a great addition to the "Projects using Eigen" list too.

I am the main developer of eos, "A lightweight 3D Morphable Face Model fitting library in modern C++11/14" (https://github.com/patrikhuber/eos), which has quite a steady user base. It uses Eigen throughout to represent parts of statistical face models and meshes.
It would probably best fit under the section "Computer Graphics, Geometry, Visualization".

Thank you & best wishes,

Dr. Patrik Huber
Founder & CEO 4dface Ltd
Visiting Academic Researcher, CVSSP, University of Surrey, UK  

Web: www.4dface.io
Mobile: +44 (0)7482 633 934

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