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I apologize, I got myself a bit confused (too much multi-tasking). Let's start over.

According to Gael on the "About dropping C++03 compatibility" thread:

this is off topic but with c++17 and gcc 7+ or clang 7+ and the head of Eigen, it was already possible to get rid of EIGEN_MAKE_ALIGNED_OPERATOR_NEW in user code.

As of today, this is also conditionally removed from Eigen's classes and, more importantly, documented:

That's the change I I care not about 3.3, but master (...on github, default on bitbucket). So then the question is about the the state of master. If the answer is "run the tests yourself", that's perfectly acceptable. But if, for example, you run them before merging to default/master (and therefore default/master can be considered "blessed") then maybe I don't need to bother.


From: Christoph Hertzberg <chtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Re: [eigen] 3.3 branch state
I do make nightly test-runs for various gcc/clang versions for Eigen
3.3, but only using C++03 and C++11:

More extensive tests are usually done before releases. But the 3.3
branch generally only gets bug-fixes, so usually no new bugs should get
Feel free to run the test-suite for your platform/compiler before using
it (running the test-suite is relatively easy):

I do not know what exactly you are referring to by "re:
Fixed-size-vectorizable-types" (I can't find any mail, commit,
pull-request or bugzilla entry with that title)


On 30/05/2019 18.27, Rob Conde wrote:
> I want to grab the 3.3 branch head to get the C++17 updates re: Fixed-size-vectorizable-types. Can I assume that all the tests are passing, or is that something you only check when you do a release?
> Thanks,
> Rob Conde

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