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I do make nightly test-runs for various gcc/clang versions for Eigen 3.3, but only using C++03 and C++11:

More extensive tests are usually done before releases. But the 3.3 branch generally only gets bug-fixes, so usually no new bugs should get introduced. Feel free to run the test-suite for your platform/compiler before using it (running the test-suite is relatively easy):

I do not know what exactly you are referring to by "re: Fixed-size-vectorizable-types" (I can't find any mail, commit, pull-request or bugzilla entry with that title)


On 30/05/2019 18.27, Rob Conde wrote:
I want to grab the 3.3 branch head to get the C++17 updates re: Fixed-size-vectorizable-types. Can I assume that all the tests are passing, or is that something you only check when you do a release?

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