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On 20/02/2019 08.04, Michael Hofmann wrote:

If you want a motivated base of people *maintaining and contributing
to* Eigen, by all means, get the Eigen codebase modernized and greatly
simplified in the progress! It makes a big difference.
And it does seem to me that Eigen could use a more active community
working on it. My personal impression of Eigen certainly has changed a
bit in the last few years, as these obvious modernization tasks are
not even attempted.

"Simplifying" the codebase by using C++14/17 would for many parts essentially mean to rewrite them --> _May_ save work in the long run, but not feasible or worth the effort for now.
Large parts of Eigen are complicated regardless of the standard we use.

I have to admit I do not understand conservativism around moving a
codebase along with the times. As someone else said before in this
thread, older releases do not magically disappear! Anyone can still
use them.

It is also an issue of having to maintain code bases which largely diverged. Currently, many bug fixes can simply be grafted to the 3.3 branch.

Without having data to back this up, [...]

Perhaps we should conduct some kind of survey about
 * Which Eigen versions are currently used (3.1??, 3.2, 3.3, default)
 * What CPU/OS/Compiler/C++-standard/...
 * What modules of Eigen/what kind of problems/...
 * Most concerning issues/wanted features/...
 * ...

Anyone willing to collect questions and set this up? (Maybe start brainstorming questions in a new mail-thread)


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