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> On 20. Feb 2019, at 17:49, Gael Guennebaud <gael.guennebaud@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> It would be very nice if someone would set this up! I'd advise to keep the survey as short as possible with a focus on questions for which we really have no clue and of interest for the evolution of Eigen. For instance, the results on CPU/OS are very predictable and of little use IMO. On the other hand the compiler versions and maximal c++ versions (today and expected within, say, 3 years) are of utmost importance.

You mentioned 700 members on this mailing list but do we have some numbers about the size of the actual user base? Github provides some analytic functionality, how about Bitbucket? Homebrew (a package manager for macOS) provides some analytics (collect by Google Analytics as an opt-out feature). I was pretty impressed by the actual numbers:

I'm just asking because I wonder about the best way to publish such a survey and if the mailing list is large enough for representing a meaningful number of users.

I can set up such a survey (I would use Google forms), I'm going to start a new mail thread for possible questions.


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