[eigen] HDF5 persistence for EIGEN3

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H5CPP is a general purpose template-only data-store mechanism for scientist using LinearAlgebra packages such as EIGEN3, is backed by the HDF5Group.
In order to incorporate EIGEN3 I would like to know the best way to extract the following:

1) read/write pointer to data stored in memory:     ie. my_matrix.data()
2) dimensions of the object ie:  rows = my_matrix.nrows(); cols = my_matrix.ncols()
3) list of templates for DENSE types:  Matrix<T>( ... params .. ) 
4) creating objects from external pointers without copying -- if supported

At this stage only DENSE storage is considered, leaving sparse and special structures to be implemented in a different phase.

The MIT licensed project may be found here: http://h5cpp.ca and here:  https://github.com/steven-varga/h5cpp
thank you for your responses/suggestions in advance!

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