Re: [eigen] feature request: implement hybrid matrix class template

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On Tue, 2 Jan 2018, Vincent Hui wrote:

What I understand from what Adrien said is that two last optional template
parameters can make Matrix a static buffer on stack. I think Hybrid Matrix
is better name because it means fix size on stack and dynamic matrix size.

It seems to me that those typedefs, as well as comments explaining the user's choices, belong in the user's code.

// Float matrix with 3 columns and at most R rows, no dynamic allocation.
template<size_t R>
using MyHybridMatrixf3 = Matrix<float, Dynamic, 3, RowMajor, R>;

Eigen does provide a few "convenience" typedefs like Vector3d, but this dynamic on-stack matrix is not as general and different users may not want exactly the same thing.

Marc Glisse

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