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Hi Alexander,

sounds cool! It is always nice to hear that Eigen helps in cutting edge science :)

On 2016-10-19 12:57, Alexander Voigt wrote:

P.S.: One Eigen feature which we're looking forward to is rank-3 and
-4 tensors, which appear in some extended particle physics models.
Thus, we cannot easily handle such models for now due to the missing
support of rank-3 and -4 tensors in Eigen 3.2.

Eigen::Tensor will not be included into Eigen 3.2, but Eigen 3.3 is "very close" to getting released, i.e., you can/should already try out Eigen 3.3rc1.

P.P.S.: If you think FlexibleSUSY is relevant enough, I'd be happy if
it could be added to the list of "Projects using Eigen" in the section

Sure! Could you write a short descriptive line about it (similar to the other projects)? And to which link of [1] shall we point to?

    arXiv:1406.2319, arXiv:1609.00371


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