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On 2016-03-12 17:00, Philipp Wissmann wrote:
1) There is/was some discussions about special matrix types and how they
should be implemented.

Can anybody comment on this? If I do this, should I implement it in a
more abstract way to allow for different "shapes"?

That page is pretty much out-dated (last edit was in 2009). I can't recall any activity regarding Toeplitz matrices. If you want to implement this, perhaps start looking at how DiagonalMatrix is implemented (regarding our internal interface).

2) The FFT module is listed as unsupported; this would make any method
for solving linear systems based on FFT unsupported as well.
Is this
and this
up to date considering the status of the FFT module?

I'm afraid that is still the current status (i.e. no significant changes since 2009). You should probably contact Mark (if he does not respond by himself), whether there has been any activity, though.

What would be needed to move at least the 1d FFT kissfft implementation
to 'supported'?

I doubt that we'll move FFT to supported in 3.3. Also, if you provide a new module, it should first be implemented as unsupported, anyways.


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