[eigen] Eigen on Arduino Due (32-bit Microcontroller with GCC) Windows 10 Compile Error

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To the Community,

Hello.  I have used Eigen successfully on several of my robotics projects with the Arduino Due 32-bit microtroller on a Windows 7 64-bit PC.  I use Eigen to perform extensive matrix operations as part of the feedback control system.

All compiled normally on the Arduino-1.6.6 IDE, which uses the GCC compiler, until I upgraded to Windows 10 on a 64-bit PC.  I simplified the Arduino program which reproduces the compile error:

#include  <Eigen320.h>
void setup() {

void loop() {

Here's the compile error.  Your help is appreciated.  Thank you.

In file included from c:\users\mc\appdata\local\arduino15\packages\arduino\tools\arm-none-eabi-gcc\4.8.3-2014q1\arm-none-eabi\include\c++\4.8.3\random:39:0,

                 from c:\users\mc\appdata\local\arduino15\packages\arduino\tools\arm-none-eabi-gcc\4.8.3-2014q1\arm-none-eabi\include\c++\4.8.3\bits\stl_algo.h:65,

                 from c:\users\mc\appdata\local\arduino15\packages\arduino\tools\arm-none-eabi-gcc\4.8.3-2014q1\arm-none-eabi\include\c++\4.8.3\algorithm:62,

                 from C:\Programs\arduino-1.6.6\libraries\Eigen320/Eigen\Core:148,

                 from C:\Programs\arduino-1.6.6\libraries\Eigen320/Eigen320.h:35,

                 from D:\$projects\mcu\arduino\test\test.ino:2:

c:\users\mc\appdata\local\arduino15\packages\arduino\tools\arm-none-eabi-gcc\4.8.3-2014q1\arm-none-eabi\include\c++\4.8.3\cstdio:122:11: error: '::printf' has not been declared

   using ::printf;


exit status 1
Error compiling.

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