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Am 09.03.2016 um 15:55 schrieb Mark Borgerding:
I am the original author of the unsupported FFT module. Unfortunately, I don't have the time now to support it and no one else has stepped up and volunteered to take the reigns.

One thing regarding completenes:
I am missing something as fftshift (in matlab)
I have my own implementation, but would like to share it,
because I have little experience with best coding practive of
functions basically shifting around memory .
re alignment.
The Eigen allocation should be sufficient.
I assumed that, but although I do like Eigen, I do not want to depend on it.
If you wish to use std::vector, then you'll probably want to specialize it with an aligned_allocator -- a quick google search should turn something up there.

Indeed, but all I found code, but they all make use of features I do know little of or can not test, some even depend on C++11.

I would rather want to depend on something tested and proven.

Boost provides something similar:

But I do not know if that gives me what I need for fftw

The fall back would be to use C-Pointers and the fftw malloc functions.

The return-by-value proxy is an Eigen-ism that allows expressions to be composed and simplified before evaluation. The FFT module does not exploit this power well, if at all.
I removed the code since I do not need it.


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