[eigen] Question on eigen/FFT

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I looked at the unsupported FFT(W) implementation in eigen.
I like the concept of the plan and execute approach implemented.

However I have the impression that the code is not finished.
Can someone comment on the state of the implementation?

Also I wonder how to create the arrays for fftw. It requires aligned arrays
for fast computation. The eigen/fft code itsself does not use the fftw_malloc functions.

The example uses plain vector<complex<float> > which is possible but might not allow
fast computation.

Eigen::FFT<float> fft;

std::vector<float> timevec = MakeMyData();
std::vector<std::complex<float> > freqvec;

fft.fwd( freqvec,timevec);
// manipulate freqvec
fft.inv( timevec,freqvec);

In FFT I was wondering the use of "fft_fwd_proxy"
I see no example code nor do I understand its usage.

I am interested in the code mainly because I have my own fftw-cpp class
and I consider to reuse the fft-code from eigen and publish it independed of eigen.


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