Re: [eigen] Passing Eigen::Map types to functions that take Eigen types

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On 01.07.2015 23:21, Christoph Hertzberg wrote:
> Is there a good reason, why your library must take MatrixXd& instead of
> Ref<MatrixXd>? Or why you can't change your library code?

I would like to be able to exchange linear algebra libraries. At the
moment my library can be used with either Eigen or SimpleMath, which is
a linear algebra library I created that implements the subset of the
Eigen API that I need for my library. I use it during development as it
compiles almost three times faster.

At the moment the MatrixXd are nicely typedef'ed and can be used both
for data and arguments. Having either MatrixXd for data and
Ref<MatrixXd> would increase complexity.


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