Re: [eigen] Passing Eigen::Map types to functions that take Eigen types

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On 01.07.2015 17:55, Martin Felis wrote:
Replacing do_work with do_work_ref as suggested by Christoph Hertzberg
does work. This would still mean I have to change my library code.

Would it be possible to subclass MatrixXd to take a pointer and use that
instead of creating a new one?

This would be possible. You might even reinterpret_cast a Map<MatrixXd>& to a MatrixXd& -- I would of course strongly advise against that, mostly because this is merely a hack and you will likely risk compatibility, eventually. Is there a good reason, why your library must take MatrixXd& instead of Ref<MatrixXd>? Or why you can't change your library code?


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