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Am 02.03.2015 um 14:59 schrieb Gareth Owen:

I've been very interested in the Eigen library for quite some time, and
I've been thinking about contributing, but I'm not quite sure where the
best place to start would be. I've looked through the juniorjob keyword
list, so are any of these preferred over others, or are there other things
in the bug list that I've not noticed that might be better?

The JuniorJob keyword mostly marks bugs which we think that can be solved without too deep understanding of the internal structure of Eigen. Many still require some knowledge of the underlying problem. There are very likely more open bugs/feature requests for which this is the case -- there might also be bugs which have long been fixed, so if you really like, you can also work through the entire bug list (especially those marked 'NEW') if there are problems that are either not reproducible anymore, or that you think you can provide a solution for. There is no actual preference to the order. You can start with what is (or may become) most important for you (and you feel capable of solving).


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