Re: [eigen] How do you link multiple versions (e.g. AVX vs SSE) of the same Eigen code?

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Unfortunately that doesn't work. The first problems come from the fact that Eigen headers #include standard library headers, which are totally confused when included into a namespace. More problems would come from Eigen defining a few things in namespace std, if standard headers were previously included before Eigen was included.

Furthermore this would suffer from the same problem as the #define Eigen EigenAVX approach: types would be different, e.g. Eigen::Vector4f != avx_code_path::Eigen::Vector4f.


2015-01-27 16:49 GMT-05:00 Christoph Hertzberg <chtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Am 27.01.2015 um 22:29 schrieb Benoit Jacob:
Any better approach?

It's also a hack, but maybe also putting the #include inside your custom namespace works:

// depending on compile-flags:
#define CURRENT_CODE_PATH avx_code_path


#include <Eigen/Core>

void foo(Eigen::Vector4f& v)
     v += v;



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