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Hi all!

I am participating in a project in which various open sourced software
packages are being ported on to 64-bit ARM (Aarch 64). On Linaro's list of
software packages that are to be ported, Eigen3 is one of them. I was able
to run make check on eigen-3.2.2 using 3.17.1-302.fc21.aarch64  (Fedora
21). I do want to note that the CXX flag had to be set to g++ specifically,
and that setting it to gcc does not work.

I am including the output of make check to this email. The tests show a
pass rate of 98%. Upon taking a look at dynalloc (the first test that
failed), it seems that it requires valgrind which is not available on arm64
yet. The other tests fail usually with an abort. I get similar results on a
x86 machine and get around 98% pass rate for the tests so I am going to
assume that this is acceptable.

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