Re: [eigen] Memory Leak When Constructor of User-Defined Type Throws Exception

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On 21.07.2014 16:30, Christoph Hertzberg wrote:
I found that ctest is actually able to run tests through valgrind. I
failed to set this up so far, but it would certainly be nice in general.

Is there anybody with cmake/ctest experience who knows how to set up (automatically) running the tests with valgrind?

[...] Then, we can write the above code as

         if (bad_things_happened())
           EIGEN_THROW(Ball("oh no!"));
     EIGEN_CATCH(const Ball&)

I found some further occurrences of that construct and decided to use your suggestion, I also improved your unit test slightly and added the possibility to run the unit-tests with exceptions disabled:

I locally ran the unit-tests before pushing, but only on g++4.8 and clang3.4 (both with and without exceptions). It would be nice if someone could check MSVC as well.


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