Re: [eigen] Memory Leak When Constructor of User-Defined Type Throws Exception

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On 22.07.2014 14:42, Christoph Hertzberg wrote:
On 21.07.2014 16:30, Christoph Hertzberg wrote:
I found that ctest is actually able to run tests through valgrind. I
failed to set this up so far, but it would certainly be nice in general.

Is there anybody with cmake/ctest experience who knows how to set up
(automatically) running the tests with valgrind?

As others might be interested as well, Gael just told me on IRC:
 $ make ExperimentalMemCheck

What I found afterward is that
 $ ctest -D NightlyMemCheck
works as well (I'm considering setting up a nightly build with reduced sizes for that; otherwise, tests run for ages ...)


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