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On 13.06.2014 15:09, Christoph Hertzberg wrote:
About the remaining 300+ bugs: I would suggest that we (==whoever wants
to participate) walk through all of them once and either decline them,
or assign them to one of the volunteers (or if possible give them the
JuniorJob tag), or change the status to DECISIONNEEDED.

Alternative (saving to make an appointment):
I add a new status "CONFIRMED". Then anybody can change any existing bug from "NEW" to "CONFIRMED" if he has interest in having that bug fixed/that feature implemented. At the same time the severity should be set appropriately and optionally a JuniorJob keyword can be added (if the fix likely does not require deep internal understanding). Of course it's also allowed to attach a patch (or fix it in the repository if one has write access).

Every feature request still in "NEW" state (at some deadline) gets closed due to lack of interest. The same for every bug that nobody can reproduce anymore.

For the actual patches (or pull-requests) we will need some similar
approach. Trivial patches can get accepted immediately, complex patches
should better be reviewed at least once -- but either way we will need
someone responsible for doing or delegating that.

I could add another status "ReviewNeeded" for bugs where we have a consensus on how to fix them in general and which have a working patch attached.


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