[eigen] Allow standard linear algebra operations for quaternions (Bug 560)

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it was suggested to inform on this mailing lists about bugs leaving the "DECISIONNEEDED" status.

For http://eigen.tuxfamily.org/bz/show_bug.cgi?id=560 we basically agreed on the following:

* Have the current Quaternion class represent a generalized quaternion
  and introduce a new class UnitQuaternion which ensures/assumes unity
* Make all functions assuming unity in Quaternion either deprecated or
  implement them in a conservative way (e.g., implicitly work with the
  normalized quaternion)
  -> That means using the Quaternion class for rotations will lead to
     small overhead avoidable by switching to UnitQuaternion.
* The Quaternion will get additional functionality such as addition and
  scalar multiplication (and maybe higher level functions)

If you have any objections, I'd suggest to bring them up at the corresponding bugzilla entry to have all arguments joined in one place.

If you want to take part early in these kinds of decisions, check these bugs (more might follow in the future):


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