Re: [eigen] [Review] Pull request 66, Huge Tensor module improvements

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> I have created a new pull request:
> It essentially the same code as in pull request 66, except for 2 changes:
>   * I deleted the .device() api.
>   * I deleted the new pblend code and the vectorized version of the
> tensor .select() code.  

Awesome, thanks a lot!

On Sunday or Monday (unfortunately, I won't have time to do that
beforehand) I'm going to do the following (unless somebody strongly
objects in advance ;-)):

 - merge your changes into my own repository
 - do some of the low-hanging fruit cleanups discussed in this thread
   (mainly what Christoph was worried about w.r.t. CXX11/, also
   C++11 array emulation - this stuff I should be able to do in a few
   hours, so it doesn't delay anything for too long)
 - push the stuff into Eigen
   (I really think merging earlier is better)
 - start working on further cleanups discussed here (class hierarchy,
   merge fixed size with generic tensor class, improve C++03 emulation,

Thanks again a lot for your contribution, this really helps the Tensor
module along quite a bit!


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